The Booster is used in combination with a energielow diet.

The Booster contains Gluccomanan.

The Booster is 100% natural and you use it before every meal.

Thanks to the oat oil, green tea and glucomannan, you will feel satisfied faster and you will also feel less hungry again.

What does Gluccomannan exactly does?

The natural product glucomannan (konjac extract) is a very rich dietary fiber. Of all dietary fibers, glucomannan has the highest molecular weight with the highest viscosity. The great advantage of glucomannan is that it has the property of binding excess starch, sugar and fat and removing it from the body. The dark tuber ensures a full feeling and therefore reduces the feeling of hunger.

Psyllium is another dietary fiber and can be used well when you have a shortage of extra fiber in the diet, or if you suffer from constipation.

Advantages of Psyllium and Glucomannan:

Good for a soft intestinal passage

Helps to suppress appetite and therefore fits perfectly into our weight management program

Supports a stable blood sugar level

These extra fibers are good for general health and digestion.


The Booster contains an innovative emulsion, which increases the satiety hormone GLP-1. The innovative ingredient is Glucomannan. Glucomannan helps suppress appetite, maintains healthy blood sugar, cholesterol and fat levels. In addition, it improves energy and because it is a fiber, it also has an intestinal cleansing effect.

In combination with water, glucomannan can form up to 100x its own volume and then forms into a gel-like substance that is not absorbed by the body, it also slows down the absorption of fats and unnecessary carbohydrates.

The ingredi├źnten of the Booster:

Olie-emulsie (gedroogd ma├»ssiroop, palmolie, haverolie), glucomannan, fructose, aroma (multifruit), groene thee-extract (Camellia sinensis), stabilisator: kaliumtrifosfaat; caf├źine (Coffea arabica) aroma.

The booster G2 does not contain gluten.

What is the function of the ingredients:

In the context of weight loss, I can say the following about these ingredients:

Glucomannan is a dietary fiber with a two-part effect:

– provides an early signal of satiety (in other words, you feel full faster, so that you eat less)

– slows down the absorption of the stomach, making you less hungry again.

Green tea extract and caffeine ‘boost’ your metabolism and are often used to prevent and combat obesity, during slimming treatments and to support a diet.


The beneficial effect is obtained with a daily intake of 3 grams of glucomannan in three doses of 1 gram each, together with 1 or 2 glasses of water, before meals.


+ vegan
+ glutenfree
+ preservative-free
+ non-genetically engineered
+ dual mode of action
+ natural green tea extract
+ innovative ingredient with convincing research results: Glucomannan
+ In the context of an energy-restricted diet, glucomannan contributes to weight loss