Tower Garden 🌿


• An aeroponic growing system that allows gardeners to grow their own fresh and clean fruits, vegetables, herbs and even flowers!
• Grows vertically up to 1.47 meters, needs a minimum space (0.75 meters x 0.75 meters), can grow up to 32 plants, and can be used year-round — indoors or outdoors!
• A tool that provides people with the ability to garden just about anywhere — no dirt, no weeding, no mess!

Tower Garden offers individuals and families a cleaner, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy produce indoors or outdoors by harnessing state-of-the-art growing technology known as aeroponics. Available in the United States and Canada, Tower Garden uses water, liquid nutrients and a soilless growing medium to quickly and efficiently grow more nutrient-dense, tastier, and sustainable fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers at-home.

What are the Benefits of Tower Garden?

It is an aeroponic vertical growing system with a water reservoir at the base that produces abundant, healthy crops at an increased rate.

  • Seedlings are suspended in the tower in a soilless growing medium.
  • Growing plants are fed from a reservoir of nutrient solution consisting of water and earth minerals.
  • A timer controlled, low-wattage, submersible pump propels nutrient solution to the top of the tower.
  • Nutrient solution cascades down the inside of the tower, oxygenating and feeding exposed plant roots.

It’s clean.

  • No soil means no soil-borne issues.
  • Cleaner growing environment means reduced exposure to E. coli and other contagions associated with field crops.
  • Minimized pesticide and herbicide use. the pH-balanced ionic minerals and plant nutrients in our Mineral Blend produce strong, healthy plants that can better protect themselves from plant pests and diseases. Additionally, since most growing is done indoors and from seed, pests aren’t a major issue. An organic pest spray is often sufficient, if needed at all.

It’s simple: automated watering cycles do the work for you.

  • No weeding and digging.
  • Minimized pest risk.
It’s efficient.
  • Yields up to 30% more than traditional methods.
  • Grows 2x faster than soil-based farms.
  • Effectively uses space by growing up to 44 plants per tower in less than 6 square feet.
It’s sustainable and nutritious.
  • By growing your own produce, you reduce food transportation time. That means your produce retains peak freshness and flavor. Plus, aeroponic methods actually increase the nutrient density of some crops, such as kale, tomatoes, and squash.
  • 98% less water usage than traditional gardening.

Grow 30% More, 3x Faster, with 98% Less Water

An advanced form of hydroponics, aeroponics is the process of growing plants in an air or mist environment rather than soil. Aeroponic systems use water, liquid nutrients and a soilless growing medium to quickly and efficiently grow more colorful, tastier, better smelling and incredibly nutritious produce.

How Tower Garden Works

Tower Garden will arrive at your doorstep with seeds, nutrients, supplies—everything you need to get growing. After about 20–25 minutes of minimal setup, here’s how your Tower Garden will function.


Good health starts with good habits, like eating wholesome foods.Tower Garden systems let you easily grow your own fresh, nutrient-rich food without soil.
Studies have found that an aeroponic approach to gardening produces an average of 30% greater yields, offers 3x faster grow times, and takes up 90% less space when compared to traditional methods.And Tower Garden HOME allows you to enjoy the benefits of homegrown produce without all the work and complexity of maintaining a traditional garden. More greens grown by your Tower Garden HOME means less trips to the grocery store.



What is Tower Garden HOME?

Tower Garden HOME is the latest addition to our Tower Garden family of products. The new Tower Garden HOME is ideal for indoor gardening, while the original Tower Garden
FLEX system is slightly larger and can be used indoors or outdoors. Grow a healthier you year-round. Eating simple just got a whole lot simpler.

• Ideal for indoor use
• Streamlined 24” base
• Simplified digital timer with pre-set indoor/outdoor settings
• 32 planting ports, which includes 16 baby green ports
• LED lights & wheels included (support cage not needed or compatible)

What is Tower Garden FLEX?

Tower Garden FLEX, our original growing system, is the ultimate customizable, expandable home growing system. Its rugged, pro-grade construction makes Tower Garden FLEX well-suited for outdoor or indoor use, which means a
year-round supply of vegetables, herbs, fruits and flowers – all in under three square feet of space with less water, zero soil, and endless options

• Ideal for indoor/outdoor use
• Large 30” base
• 20 planting ports
• Lights, wheels, and support cage sold separately


No more pesticides. No more chemicals. No more wondering where your family’s food came from. New Tower Garden HOME. Healthy eating, made easy


New Tower Garden HOME comes with everything you need to start growing a year-round supply of healthy, delicious herbs and veggies—right at home.

Grow healthy, delicious herbs and veggies inside from the comfort of your couch. Perfectly sized for any apartment or house the NEW Tower Garden HOME comes with everything you need to get started growing today!


Give your family healthy and delicious homegrown produce all year-round with the all-new Tower Garden HOME. It’s healthy eating, made easy.


You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy fresh, homegrown produce year-round. New Tower Garden HOME. Healthy eating, made easy.