Uplift Energy


The natural energy drink that nourishes your mind and body with essential B vitamins, natural caffeine and elite ingredients. A unique combination of natural functional ingredients that provide you with energy all day long. Low in sugar!

No artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. Contains 356ug of vegetable folic acid, is vegan, and also contains 40mg of natural caffeine from Yerba Mate.

Uplift is the plant-based energy food supplement that nourishes your mind and body throughout the day with essential B vitamins * that:



• provide you with the energy you need for all your daily activities

• help you stay focused and alert throughout the day, in everything you do

• reduce persistent tiredness and fatigue to support you throughout the day


Is UPLIFT not yet part of your daily routine? We would like to give you 3 good reasons to use UPLIFT:
100% vegetable ingredients: mango, guava, lemon, beet, sour cherry and yerba maté;
Contains vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9 to reduce fatigue and stay focused;
Low in sugar! Less than 2.5g of sugar per serving!

Get The Best Out Of Your Day!

Uplift contains – Essential B Vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B9) from mango, guava and lemon and natural caffeine from yerba mate – which makes it so special.


1.) Shake the energy stick

2.) Tear along the notch to open

3.) Mix with 240ml of water

4.) Stir or shake

5.) Enjoy as part of your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle


























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