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We use a healthy way to loose weight, without hunger, but with giving your the right mindset, motivation and 100% natural.

This is not a crash diet but a Healthy Lifestyle programm, so when you have teached your target weight, you can easily maintain your weight because you learned to keep a healthy lifestyle and that’s the main goal.

And sure, you can have a cheatmeal now and then and eat something you really like but that is not so healthy.

We work with programs where healthy food is rule number 1 and hunger is not needed.

For me it is important that the program is easy to follow, that you can keep the motivation to continue and that the program fits into your daily life.

This way we keep motivated and driven to reach our goal.

I absolutely do not work with diets because diets only work temporarily. You loose weight but gain in weight again when you stop.

With this program you will learn how to loose weight in a healthy way and keep the kilos away.

We mainly focus on building a new healthy lifestyle(80%)

We going to find the program and way of a healthy lifestyle that works best for you in your life.

Besides that we encourage everybody to work out every day. Balance is important here, physical activities.

This can be a large walk but also can be yoga or a full body work out.
In our programs is 20 % sport. Besides that we have choosen to work with high qualitative foodsupplements. With these supplements you ensure yourself that you get you daily needed nutrients so your body works at its best. day in day out. We are here to help you to get a healthy and fit body.

Together we will work on your nutrition plan (healthy lifestyle), we slowly adding more daily excersises to your lifestyle and we use our products to make this process easier.

You do not need to worry about having hunger, because our pograoms vary and give you the choice to eat 3 healthy meals and besides that you can have snacks (not only fruit but you can also have yoghurt with fruit, egg, nutts etc.. )

Snack healthy is absolutely no punishment.


Find out which program suits you best!

Fill out our form and get a FREE advice.

All  programs are INCLUSIVE:

  1. Detoxplan
  2. Nutritionplan
  3. E-book for a consistent healthy lifestyle
  4. Personal coaching
  5. Member of our exclusive supportgroup for customers
  6. ​Weekmenu’s
  7. Healthy recipes for each budget
  8. ​ Fit E-book with workouts you can do at home
  9. ​ Every week motivational support messages in your inbox


Each program you choose is inclusively:


  • Member of our community: a group of ladies who are also working on changing their healthy lifestyle and want to loose weight. In this community you will find like minded ladies which will inspire you and motivate you, because together we can achieve more! In the group you will find motivation, inspiration, healthy recipes and more!
  • Coaching of your personal coach, that is me!  




























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