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Vegetables- and fruitcapsules

Do you wanna feel healthier?

Improve your health?

A healthy lifestyle is a welness for your body and has many advantages, physically as mental.

Advantages vegetable- and fruitcapsules:

🍀 The unique vegetablee contain the most essential nutrition ingredients of 17 different sorts of biological made fruit and vegetables where the water, sugar and salt has been removed.

🍀 vegan made capsule

🍀 capsule of tapioca

🍀 for your daily needed essential nutrients

🍀 to optimal feed your body so it funtions at its best

🍀 to improve your health

🍀 to give your health a boost

🍀 an equally proportion between supplements with vitamins and plant based nutrients

🍀 selection of 12 different sorts of fruit 

🍀 selection of 9 different sorts of vegetables

🍀 contain a lot of vitamins and minerals r


Vegetables, fruit and berries: essential for a healthy functioned body

It is essental for a good nutrition and good health to eat daily enough vegetables, fruit and berries.

Vegetables, fruit and berries are an important source of vitamins, minerals, fytonutrients and fibers. They also are low in fat and calories.

Many of the nutrients and fytonutrients that you can find in vegetables, fruit and berries are strong antioxidants.

Our body produces constantly free radicals, a natural product of our metabolism. Besides that there are many external sources of oxidants of free radicals like smoking, UV-light and pollution.

Our body needs certain free radicals, but an overload of free radicals can damage cells and cause damaging chainreactions. This damage is often called: “oxidative stress”.

Antioxidants can help reduce damaging reactions that are caused by free radicals.

However the body produc anti oxidants itself, the anti oxidants that we get via our nutrition, and especially the nutrients of vegetables, fruits and berries, very important for reducing oxidative stress from our body.

Scientific research has shown that people can reduce the oxidative damage by eating more vegetables, fruit and berries. This also contributes to a healthy immune system


























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